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Buckskin doesn't come easy...

Not when you want to make it yourself, anyhow. Last year I got a bunch of hides from local hunters (it's amazing what results you can get from posting a free ad here and there), as well as a late-season hide from a buck one of my truck drivers from work shot and brought to me. I had put it in one of the plastic tubs (great for lots of stuff and you can find them cheap) with a solution of lime and water to loosen the hair from the hide, as that is the first step. This was right before it started to get cold, and so it froze solid, sitting there through the winter. Now that it's warming up, most of the hide has thawed, although there's still a few large chunks of inches-thick ice frozen onto it.

But the hair is slipping really well! I started de-hairing it as well as I could tonight after I got home from work. It's definitely a little ripe-smelling, but not too bad. After I get it de-haired, I'll have to scrape both the hair side to remove the epidermal layer, and the flesh side to remove the inner layer so the brains can penetrate.

Yes, I said brains. I'm going to brain-tan this hide and have a nice, big buck's hide to make something out of. Not sure what, yet, but braintanned buckskin is always nice to have.

We also have an elk hide in the deep freeze, waiting to be gotten to. Forrest found it this past fall when he went for a walk down the road, and here is this cow elk hide and head, just laying in a ditch! Even better was when he sent me email from home while I was at work; usually 'Good news!' in the subject line for most people isn't going to follow up with "guess what I found in the ditch?" But then again, I guess I'm not most people. I'm planning to make a really spiffy jacket out of that elk hide, sort of in the 'mountain man' fashion, complete with fringe and maybe some beadwork.

Speaking of people, big news in Pullman where I work; there was a local shooting in town. Apparently this young guy had gotten a shotgun and walked up to the door of some other kid he had been fighting with in the past, knocked on the door, and shot the guy when he answered. Lucky for the victim, he ducked one shot and was just grazed on the side of the head by the second. The kicker? Both the alleged shooter and his 'accomplice' (who ferried him back over the Idaho state line to Moscow) work (or rather, worked) where I do, and I superficially knew both of them. The accomplice has always been an asstard in my experience, and I can't say I'm surprised at how he's turned out. Good riddance, anyhow.

I was mentioning this at medieval night practice yesterday and observed of how all three of the most recent (within a couple of years) local shootings, I have known either the victim or the perpetrator. Weird. I don't think I'm what anyone who knows me would call a socialite, either.

I'm going to start riding my bike in Moscow, now that maybe we're done with snow for a while. Driving home through Moscow today I saw my first snowdrops of the year!! They're my favorite flower, hands-down, and I think I'll find some to pick tomorrow. I love their scent, it's pretty ephemeral, but intoxicating. And I love how they are always the very first flower of the year, beating out even the crocuses. Sometimes they pay for their brashness, sticking their heads up out of a sudden snow, but they grow undaunted anyhow.

Forrest said he saw one of the geese going back to her nest site from last year and messing around with it. They started laying eggs about this time last year, but it was so cold and rainy the first clutch never hatched.  I suppose we'll see what this spring brings us.

I totalled up my garden seed order tonight, just over $70 worth, although 16 of that is in red clover seed for the pasture.

I almost splurged on some snowdrop bulbs, too, but figured I'd wait until I get my state tax return back. Maybe I can find them cheaper than 10 for $10.95 locally. Typical Scot, I can justify sixteen bucks on clover seed because it actually does something, but for my favorite flower who just stands around and looks pretty? Weeeeeell....not so much.

I have to say that delight and intoxication is beyond price, though. Maybe I won't have to wait much longer to get my own snowdrops.


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Mar. 19th, 2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
Sh! Ixnay on the owdrops-snay! You *know* what happens when you mention them on ElJay . . . :O ;)
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