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Mall Demo!! w00t!

Forrest and I headed off Saturday morning for the Non-profit Group demo at the mall, a nice opportunity to advertise the presence of the group, maybe generate some interest and a few new members. We had a few tables with flyers, some of the medieval crafts that members have done, like Forrest's leather shoes and a few of the blacksmithing items he's done, nails, spoons, forks, etc.

We had been running late since when I went up to feed the horses the top hot-wire gate was.....gone. Wha..? I knew I had a real Ninja Destructo-Horse (aka Eowyn) and she's apparently taken Raven as her apprentice. They're both good at busting down fence, but this is the first that they've made it disappear. I found the length of hotwire and the gate-handle out in the ankle-deep mud of the drylot, I'm betting someone snagged the spliced wire on a tail and pulled it loose. Sigh.

It's like I was telling Forrest's mom and sister the other day, when I had mentioned the local sort of Martha Stewart-esque kitsch phenom of Maryjane Butters. She runs a local organic 'farm', touting green, organic and sustainable ways, and that is no bad thing. But I've gotten these 'join our club!' mailings from her magazine, and it's got these bylines of things like "reminisce walking down a sun-dappled country lane in the fall", or "craft a country wildflower arrangement in a wicker basket" kinds of smarmy kitschy things that just makes me gag and roll my eyes. I said, "No, that's not what real farming is about; real farming is about fixing fence and shoveling shit! All the time. Forget your flower arrangements and leisurely strolls mooning about in the middle of the damned road."

Anyhow, I digress.

We picked up dameruth who was engineering the demo, and, thinking we had forgotten about picking her up had prepared to start walking to the mall with her chainmail shirt on. We got there and set up the demo tables, I had brought my spinning wheel to attract folks' attention to us (as well as getting some quality time with my wheel and getting stuff spun)  and Forrest did a lot of work on the coif he is making out of hardened stainless steel rings for me.

It amazed me how many people didn't even give us a second, or even first look, being apparently too busy yakking on their cellphones or digging in their purses. Occasionally one would walk by and then be alerted to our presence by someone they were with who was actually paying attention. It also struck me how often
I noticed that young kids would be the ones to stop and gawk, and evidence interest, but then the parents would drag or hurry them off, obviously 'too busy' to encourage the well-rounded intellect and curiosity that parents ostensibly strive for. *roll eyes*

We did get a few nice comments and some interest, and it was an interesting way to while away a few hours, spinning and people-watching. The one thing that really made my day was this older couple who had talked to me for a little bit; I first noticed an old gent standing a ways off in the entrance to a shop and watching me spin, and I gave him a smile to entice him over. He seemed pleased to see someone engaged in one of the older arts, and after a few minutes his wife found him and also commented on a lot of the things we had displayed. I mentioned that I was also a homesteader and someone who turned more toward the 'old ways', and they seemed surprised to hear that I've done things like raising my own meat, driving horses, etc. The lady gave a somewhat disgusted look and a shake of her head and said something to the effect of, "Kids today....they don't know how to do anything anymore."

"No," I said, smiling in quiet agreement. "No, they don't."